Speak The Speech by Bell Shakespeare

S2 Ep9: Penny Gay

July 20, 2021
Professor Penny Gay joins us on Speak The Speech to perform and talk about Rosalind’s speech from Act 4 Scene 1 of As You Like It. Penny and James discuss women in Shakespeare, why Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing is Penny’s favourite character and how performing in a Shakespeare play at university changed the course of her academic life. Penny Gay is Professor Emerita in English and Drama at the University of Sydney. Her major research interest is in performance history, and she’s currently writing about Shakespeare performance history in Australia. Her publications include As She Likes It: Shakespeare’s Unruly Women, The Cambridge Introduction to Shakespeare’s Comedies, Teaching Shakespeare Beyond the Centre, and Jane Austen and the Theatre. She has edited Twelfth Night and The Merchant of Venice for publication, and has contributed numerous essays to collections like the Cambridge Companions and Oxford Handbooks.

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